5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Course Pricing, Payment & Booking Details

It can be difficult to decide which sailing school program will provide the training you really need to become a capable and confident sailor. At SailQuest we offer a complete training course and will not waste your time or money. Our courses run on schedule and each day is carefully planned to make the most the time we spend in class. Our experienced instructors have developed and refined our "Learn to Sail" course over the past 10+ years to be extremely effective at delivering the training, skills and nautical knowledge to prepare you to responsibly operate a yacht on your own and to make informed choices when it comes to chartering and yacht ownership.

We hope you will get started with SailQuest Sailing School now and join the hundreds of students who have completed this course and who are now out sailing the oceans and waterways of the world. When you book your place in the SailQuest program you can be confident that you will receive the training course and yachting qualifications you need to help you to acheive your sailing goals. 

The cost for the 5/10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper Certificate course includes:

  • All Training Yacht & Instructor cost.
  • Complete coverage of IYT International Crew & IYT Bareboat Skipper syllabus.
  • IYT registration fees & Bareboat Skipper certificate costs
  • NauticEd Online LogBook & Verified Proficiency Endorsement (when required)
  • All SailQuest Sailing Course materials:
    • Rules of the Road Handbook
    • SailQuest Sailing Handbook
    • SailQuest Course notes & workbooks
    • International Chart #1
    • Thai chart #142
    • Digital Sailing Data - a full collection of sailing books, training vidoes & nautical audio material
  • All onboard food & beverage
  • 2 amazing dinner parties - 1 onboard, 1 ashore
  • High Quality SailQuest Bareboat Skipper sport shirt
  • A professional, well organized, effective, fun, fast-paced 5/10 day yacht training program

Not included in course cost:

  • Transportation costs to/from the SailQuest/Ocean Marina location.
  • Onshore meals - a wide variety of local resturaunts, markets & shops are nearby.
  • Onshore accommodation during course dates - See some available options: SailQuest Accommodation Options

SailQuest Sailing Course pricing

Thai Baht THB  Euro €
(ref only)
(ref only)

1 student - 10 Day Crew/Skipper Course

56,000THB 1,475€ $1,750

1 student - 5 Day Crew or Skipper Course

30,000THB 800€ $950

2 students - Couple's Special - 10 Day Crew/Skipper Course

110,000THB 2,900€ $3,450

2 students - Couple's Special - 5 Day Crew or Skipper Course

58,000THB 1,500€ $1,800

3-6 students - Group Rate - 10 Day Crew/Skipper Course

52,000THB per person
1,500€ $1,700

3-6 students - Group Rate - 5 Day Crew or Skipper Course

28,000THB per person

750€ $880

Note: all SailQuest pricing is in Thai Baht

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  • Save 4,000THB when you purchase the full 10 Day SailQuest Sailing Course at one time. Students can complete the 10 day program in one session or split the course into 2 five day sessions as they fit into your schedule.
  • SailQuest understands that your schedule may change and we offer a flexible option for re-scheduling your course dates and deposit refunds. See: What is the SailQuest Refund & Cancellation Policy?

Confirm Your Course Dates Now:

SailQuest requests a 25% deposit payment to confirm your booking and to hold your place in class for your selected course dates.

  1. Select your preferred training dates from our Monthly Course Schedule .
  2. Contact SailQuest to check availability on your selected course dates.
  3. Complete your 25% booking deposit. Online credit card or PayPal payments, bank transfer or cash payments accepted.
Book Online - 25% Deposit - Select option:

Direct transfer to SailQuest bank account in Thailand:

Use your banking service or other transfer service to make a payment to our bank account in Thailand. Once you have completed your online transfer, be sure to let us know so we can monitor our account for receipt. SailQuest account details available on request.

Cash payments at the SailQuest Sailing School Ocean Marina location:

Cash payments can be processed at the SailQuest office at anytime. It is a good idea to contact us first or to set up an appointment so we can be sure someone will be there when you arrive.

Once we receive your booking payment we will send along a confirmation email, some additional info on getting to our location, some pre-study material and a final invoice.

Please Contact SailQuest for other payment options or if you have any additional questions.