Hello SailQuest Review Readers, here is the original and truthful Owner Response, added to a FAKE review posted to the SailQuest TripAdvisor business page. This response was removed by TripAdvisor admins because, they said, it included "allegations of fraud".

Apparently it is OK for an unethical individual to post fake reviews to a TA business page in an obvious effort to try to mislead the public and attempt to damage a competitors reputation/rating, but to point this out in a well documented Owner Response which includes compelling evidence and examples of the same individual doing similar things on other review sites, violates TA policy.

The misleading review was reported to TA admins thru provided TA channels, but so far this inaccurate and unusual review remains in place.

If you would like to discover the unfortunate truth behind this deceptive TripAdvisor review, you will find it in the removed Owner Review and included links, re-posted below:

SailQuest Sailing School's Original Owner Response to:

An Awful Experience - Nothing like the Past Rave Reviews - Best to be Avoided

Posted on June 07, 202

Removed by TripAdvisor admins on June 07, 2022

Owner Response Part 1 to Roland Choy:
Nice try, Roland (aka Joe V = fake TA profile) but maybe a bit over the top. There are elements of truth in your fake review which is surprising since you are such a chronic liar, but most of your statements are provably inaccurate and could not come from an actual SailQuest student - all of whom, under any circumstance, receive an effective, well organized yacht training course which always meets its goal of converting complete beginners into crew and skippers who are qualified and capable of managing a yacht on their own, on day trips, live-aboard charters or as owners.

The SailQuest IYT Crew/Skipper course goes well beyond learning to sail, with in-depth coverage of Yacht Systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc, Navigation & Passage  Planning, the  Rules of the   Road, Anchoring & Docking, Marine Diesel checks & common issues, Dingy & Outboard and much more - complete with review and IYT exams.

There is undeniable value and worthwhile-ness in each and every SailQuest IYT Crew/Skipper course we deliver. A real SailQuest student would not be able to write with such unmasked desperation and hateful-ness or be able to complete an honest review and have not a single positive thing to comment on.

Of the 40 reviews  we have here on TripAdvisor, 33 five star and 5 four star reviews have been overwhelming positive  and recommend our well managed sailing program to review readers. Then there is 1 two star review which also has a few good things to say about our sailing program, as  the student was mostly unhappy with her accommodation back when we ran the SailQuest guesthouse. The remaining and only 1 star review is yours - fake and posted in violation of TA policy.

So, Roland, I am sad to see you resorting to another cheap shot and I remain at a complete lack of understanding as to why you are targeting my business. It seems like your primary business goal is to attack and damage SailQuest Sailing School Thailand, a well established, well reviewed and successfully audited IYT partner school.

You have been sneaky and deceptive while using unethical, black-hat tactics in creating your SailQuest copy-cat business, trying to leverage my assets for your own benefit. You have chosen to encroach on my business, target my customers and hurt me financially, when there are clearly better options.

The fact that you continue to post fake reviews is not surprising - your business attempt is build on a foundation of deception and you are on shaky ground. You are lashing out... and giving me another chance to expose you. So, Rolando, thanks for the fake bad review.

Owner Response Part 2 - To TA Review Readers:
The  review above is not from an actual student who is reviewing an actual experience at the SailQuest Sailing School but from a struggling individual who is trying to start a sailing business.

The third to last sentence of this fraudulent review, the one that starts with "Take my advice" reveals the authors intentions and the author, specifically, Roland Choy and copy-cat SailBreeze Sailing School Thailand. (Reader Warning - Roland is incredibly unethical and self-serving, as demonstrated in the links below. NEVER take ANY advice from Roland, especially on any sailing related topic which, due to his lack of experience, he is unqualified to give. Rest assured, all advice given will be in Roland's own best interest and that is exactly the case here.)

I'm sorry to need to explain this yet again, it's a long story, here is the shortest version: Former SailQuest student Roland decided to start his own sailing school, however, from the beginning when he announced he would use a name almost identical to my own SailQuest Sailing School, black-hat methods including posting fake reviews and photos on Google and TA and FB, placing false locations on Google and other maps, inaccurately associating with IYT and other brands and other dirty tricks have been used and seemingly preferred over standard business practices.

I have documented some Roland/SailBreeze activity in a report, complete with links and images. Please take a look before you seriously consider the fake review above: https://www.sailingschoolasia.com/events-features/captain-s-blog/285-spotlight-on-sailbreeze-sailing-school-s-online-activities.html

International Yacht Training (IYT) has blacklisted Roland Choy and SailBreeze, please take a look: https://www.sailingschoolasia.com/events-features/captain-s-blog/286-iyt-has-no-association-with-sailbreeze-or-roland-choy-in-thailand.html

Please read the next review posted after this and see my comments where I explain the temporary boat problem we had and that Roland is trying to capitalize on in his work of fiction.  It's titled "Fun, educational and useful!" https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g293919-d10605088-r841117011-SailQuest_Sailing_School_Thailand-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html

I hope you will  focus on reading the many positive  reviews we have here. Over 1,000 SailQuest students are sailing in areas world-wide, we have a great "learn to sail" program, our IYT Crew/Skipper course is very hard to beat.

Contact me anytime to discuss our sailing program or to book your course dates.

Happy Sailing,

Capt. Tim