3Day/2Night SailQuest Join-In Sailing Event

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March 14-16, 2022

SailQuest Sailing School offers regularly scheduled join-in sailing events from our Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand base.

Here is your chance to get a sailors look at the Gulf of Thailand, make some new sailing friends and have a memorable sailing experience.

SailQuest sailing events are open to sailors of all skill levels, whether you are going to sea for the first time or you're an "old salt", you will be a welcome addition to our crew and will be able to participate in the operation of the yacht at which ever level you are comfortable with.

This event will sail from Ocean Marina to Ko Si Chang, across the Gulf to the Chan Am area, then down the coast and into Racer Marina on the Pran Buri River just south of Hua Hin. Aproximately 100 nautical miles total distance sailed. This is a one-way voyage, crew will need to make their own arrangements for onward or return transportation.

This a great chance to go sailing and develop valuable sailing skills while sailing alongside experienced sailors. Contact SailQuest now and SIGN UP TODAY!

3Day/2Night SailQuest Join-In Sailing Event - Passage Plan:

 Please note that the actual sailing route for these trips are subject to seasonal and local weather considerations. We try to take advantage of prevailing winds so we can sail as much as possible during the voyage. The general timeline will be consistent, but the actual island destinations and stop-over points may change accordingly.

Day 1

12:00 – depart SailQuest base at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand - destination Ko Si Chang

18:00 - anchor down in Ko Si Chang eastern anchorage, ashore for an awesome seafood dinner. Crew can stay aboard or rent a bungalow onshore for the night.

Day 2

07:30 - underway and breakfast onboard

08:00 - passage-making sailing across the Gulf of Thailand

12:00 - lunch onboard

18:00 - arrive at anchorage - Chan Am area, dinner ashore or onboard, crew stays aboard for the night

Day 3

07:30 - underway and breakfast onboard

08:00 - passage-making sailing down the coastline - Chan Am to Pran Buri River.

12:00 - lunch onboard

17:00 - arrive at Racer Marina on the Pran Buri River, just south of Hua Hin. End Mile Builder Voyage. Crew are welcome to stay aboard or can make arragements for other accommodation.

3Day/2Night SailQuest Join-In Sailing Event - Booking Details:

How much will this event cost?

 There are two pricing options for this join in event based on your cabin choice. All options include all onboard expenses, yacht operation and captain costs, meals and beverage, linens, towels and use of all onboard equipment.

Price does not include alcoholic beverages or onshore dinner expenses.

  • Single Cabin- 1 person, private cabin………………….………..   12,500THB
  • Double Cabin- 2 person, private cabin ……….…………………   20,000THB

How do I Join?:

If you would like to join this terrific sailing event, advance payment is required and can be paid in cash or credit card in our Ocean Marina office or by using the PayPal button below. Please Contact Us! to check space availability. It is recommended to reserve your cabin early as these voyages typically fill up quickly.

Pay with PayPal and Confirm your Booking Now:

March 14-16 Mile Builer - 1 person, Single Cabin - 12,500THB

March 14-16 Mile Builer - 2 person, Double Cabin - 20,000THB

Passport and Visa:

There are no special visa requirements for this voyage, as we do not plan on crossing any international boarders.


Currency in Thailand is Thai baht and you should bring along some pocket money for any additional shore-side  expenses. ATM machines will be far and few between on this trip so it is best to plan ahead.


The attire on the boat is very casual – swimsuits and bare feet by day, shorts and shirt, or sarongs, and sandals in the evening. A windbreaker or similar for standing the night watches. You might want to bring hiking sandals or shoes for exploring the trails or shopping. No dark soled shoes allowed on deck.

Other gear:

Swim suits, dive skin, fins, mask, snorkel, fishing gear, sailing gloves, sailing rain gear, and any other toys you want to bring along, but it is recommended to keep it simple.

Personal items:

Sunscreen, sun glasses, hat, light sweater or wind breaker (it can get cool after a rain shower), camera, film, extra memory cards, batteries, dry bag & mosquito repellant (if you go ashore). Personal hygiene items: toothbrush & paste, shampoo & crème rinse, soap & deodorant, prescription medication, spare prescription eyewear etc.

Note from Captain Tim:

Captain Tim SailQuest Director Instructor

Friends and Fellow Sailors: Welcome aboard! Our idea here is that the "3Day/2Night SailQuest Join-In Sailing Event" is a fun and easy going live aboard sailing experience.

This relatively short live aboard sailing voyage is a good place to start if you have never been on a Join-In sailing event.

More experienced sailors will welcome the chance to add more seamiles to their logbooks and have a great time along the way.

So, do you want to go for a sail? I hope you do and we look forward to sailing with you soon.

Please contact me directly if you would like to sign up or if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Capt. Tim