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Can Kids and Young Adults Attend the IYT Crew/Skipper course?

The SailQuest IYT Crew/Skipper course is certainly an adult level training program. According to IYT Worldwide, the IYT Crew course is for ages 16+, the IYT Bareboat Skipper course is 18+, however we have been able to issue certificates to students of 14 years and up.

Basically, we are happy to enroll young adults of 14 years old and above who wish to attend the program on their own. It has worked out well in the past when younger students join with a friend to keep them engaged. Please note that SailQuest does not provide any supervision of students (regardless of age) outside of the hours when the courses are in session.

For younger kids, there may be some course material which will be a challenge, like the International Collision Regulations and some of the navigation/passage planning exercises. There are also physical demands, like starting an outboard engine, docking, grinding a loaded winch on 40+ foot yachts, etc. that may be impossible…

However, if your younger kids are interested in learning to sail, they will definitely learn a lot in the program even if some material may go over their heads. In this case, it is required that parents or a guardian also attend the program.

Keep in mind that a yacht at sea can be a challenging environment. All attendee’s should be able to look after themselves as far as getting around the training yachts, follow instructions and be aware of the risks involved.

Very young kids who require constant supervision will be a liability and possibly interfere with the course delivery and other students “learn to sail” experience.

SailQuest course cost is per student, regardless of age.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.