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We have a lot of couples attend our courses and besides learning a lot about sailing, etc. you will both have a great time as you begin to share a sailing dream and learn to work as a team aboard a yacht. Sometimes, one of you may be more interested in the subject of sailing, cruising, etc. but after you get started, chances are that you will be surprised at your companion’s aptitude and interest in the program.

The first 5 days of our full 10 Day program, the IYT Crew course, is an entry level course and the student will receive the IYT International Crew certificate. The second 5 days, the IYT Skipper course, can get a bit more technical, with a day of classroom navigation and we can lose some non-English speakers here, or those with a lesser interest.

In any case, some people just have less of an interest but want to give our sailing courses a chance. If you fall into this situation we suggest that you both join the course at our couple’s rate and we can adjust the cost as we go along like this:

  • “Couple’s Rate” is 2-10Day IYT Crew/Skipper courses = 110,000THB
  • 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper course & 5 Day IYT Crew course + 5 Day IYT Skipper “ride along” = 100,000THB
  • 10 Day IYT Crew/Skipper course & 10 Day “ride along” = 90,000THB