SailQuest Youth Sailing Program

Student Guidelines

Please read the following carefully. These Guidelines (otherwise know as the Rules & Regulations) shall apply to all youth group participants. Instructors and group leaders are instructed to report any violations to Camp Director for appropriate action. Violations may result in camp dismissal.

  1. Participants are expected to attend all activities and meals as per the provided program schedule unless they are ill. Illness should be reported immediately to one of the instructors or group leaders.
  2. The use of controlled substances (drugs) and alcohol is prohibited in the camp. Anyone found using such substances will be expelled from the camp immediately and parents will be required to remove them from the program location. Necessary prescription drugs will be allowed and must be reported to group leaders.
  3. Visitation. Visitation in accommodation areas, guesthouse rooms, bungalows, tents, cabins on training yachts between the sexes IS NOT permitted.
  4. Leaving camp. Participants will not be permitted to leave the Ocean Marina property or other areas where the group has assembled when onshore for island visits or meals onshore without permission from group leaders.
  5. Motorized Transportation: Students MAY NOT bring or hire a motorized vehicle of any kind during the camp or ride with anyone else during their stay here.
  6. Lights Out. Students will be in their overnight accommodation for the night by 10:30 PM with lights out and bed check at 11:00 PM. Watch the daily schedule for exceptions to this rule.
  7. Vandalism and theft will result in immediate dismissal. Please treat the buildings, equipment, yachts and other property with care. If vandalism occurs, participants and/or parents will be financially responsible for all expenses necessary for repair.
  8. Law prohibits firearms, weapons, and fireworks of any type.
  9. Use of cell phone, music player, video player, laptop, tablet, video game, e-reader, or other such devices will be prohibited during all scheduled activities, including aboard the training yachts, at meals, during shore visits or at anytime the sailing program is in operation. These devises may be used following the conclusion evening meals until 10:30PM unless otherwise prohibited by group leaders.
  10. Non –internet/network connected cameras may be used when time permits, provided that this does not interrupt other scheduled activities or other responsibilities.
  11. Respect for others. All participants shall show respect for each other, instructors, group leaders and anyone else they may come in contact with during the program.
  12. Positive effort and attitude. Attending the SailQuest Youth Sailing program provides participants with an awesome opportunity to learn valuable skills and rewarding lessons for life. Participant’s positive effort and attitude is expected to provide an overall positive experience for everyone involved.
  13. IYT certificates. The SailQuest Youth Sailing program will issue IYT certificates to students who participate and pass the required qualifying exams. There is no guarantee that participants will pass the program. The instructor’s task to provide all information and deliver a 1st class training course. It is the participant’s responsibility to pay attention, participate in the lessons and to prepare to take and pass exams and evaluation.
  14. Any complaints should be directed to your group leader who will deal with them directly, either at once or by carrying them to the appropriate authority. If you feel a complaint has not been properly dealt with, you should see the Camp Director.
  15. Personal responsibilities of participants:
    1. Loss of personal property, property damage, induced accident, or injury;
    2. Cost of mischievous acts or vandalism;
    3. Know the daily schedule and adhering to it. Attendance is mandatory at all scheduled activities.
  16. Insurance. The SailQuest Co. Ltd. does not provide health and accident insurance.